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Andy Lundgren

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

I remember like it was yesterday...the first time I soloed an airplane. No one forgets that day. All the preparation boiled down to one moment...was I ready? Did I study enough? Did I prepare enough? What if I bounce my landing! And yet, in that moment, when you depend so much on the preparations and teachings of others, you are alone and must rely solely on yourself. As I took to the skies that day, seeing the ground disappear below the wheels, I understood what it took to get here. The hours of study, testing and flight training. The carefully honed precision and accuracy of my actions, and the faith in myself to fly this plane all culminated in one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The wonder of modern of flight, the freedom and exhilaration of knowing I was joining a fraternity filled with the likes of Chuck Yeager, Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindberg, will stay with me forever.