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Luxurious Touches to Look for in Today’s Upscale Homes

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The difference between a well-appointed home and your standard house often comes down to the little things –  luxurious touches that make all the difference. Of course, there are big luxuries, like a crystal chandelier in the foyer, floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the backyard, a marble staircase, or a full kitchen and grill out on the patio. But sometimes the smaller touches make an even bigger statement and provide more enjoyment from living in the home.

Some of the latest luxuries we’re seeing include:

Automated privacy gates. Security is always a concern, especially in high-end neighborhoods, and, fortunately, new technology can help keep you safe and reduce the risk of a break-in. Automated privacy gates prevent unwanted drivers from making their way onto your property unannounced and add an air of exclusivity.

Walk-in refrigerators. Families that do a fair amount of entertaining will appreciate the sheer size of a walk-in refrigerator in their kitchen. The added storage space a walk-in unit provides will ensure there is always food in the house.

Side-by-side double stoves. Increasingly, high-end homes are featuring side-by-side stoves, to make cooking for a crowd so much easier and convenient. Trying to time dishes to be ready simultaneously is simpler when you have more than three or four burners and two oven racks.

Motorized enclosed shades. What could be more convenient than raising and lowering window shades with the click of a button. Go from pitch black to bright sunlight in a couple of seconds without the hassle of raising each shade individually.

Luxury toilets. Some of the newest features on upscale toilets are among the most luxurious. You can now avoid stumbling around in the dark with LED lighted toilet seats and never have to touch a seat again thanks to automatic open and close lids and hands-free flushing. Heated seats are an added bonus, especially during winter.

Rainfall showerheads. Perhaps nothing else is more luxurious looking and feeling than a rainfall showerhead – or two – in a walk-in master shower. The bath is almost instantly converted from a typical shower space to a spa-like environment.

Plush upholstery. The best-upholstered pieces are the kind you want to just sink down into – soft sofas and textured chairs that envelope you in comfort. Living and family rooms that include inviting seating immediately up the luxury quotient.

Large-scale artwork. A  large oil painting or framed contemporary photo provides a single focal point in a room, making it feel organized and upscale. Rather than a wall filled with a montage of smaller images, hanging a single large work of fine art makes a statement - it’s class and sophistication. A larger piece of art adds to the air of luxury in the home.

If you’re in the market for a new home, watch for some of these new luxurious touches as you’re touring different spaces. Investments in these amenities suggest that the homeowner understands the value of comfort and convenience. Please contact one of our luxury experts at Portfolio Real Estate to assist you.

And if you’re planning to sell your home soon, consider adding some of these luxury features to make your abode more appealing to the most discriminating buyers. 

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