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Create a Stunning Outdoor Oasis with these 5 Features

Most upscale homes today have amenities that seamlessly extend the indoor living space into the outdoors. Luxurious elements that allow you to swim, relax, cook, and lounge outdoors create an oasis you’ll never want to leave. Because these features make the living space seem much larger, they are steadily increasing in popularity.

A 2017 report from the American Institute of Architects found that 70 percent of homeowners are interested in outdoor living rooms – the top feature desired. Wayne Visbeen, founder of Michigan-based Visbeen Architects, told US News & World Report that 100 percent of the homes his firm designs for clients, which are located across the country, include indoor-outdoor living areas.

To maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor space, here are the top 5 features you’ll want to consider including:

Infinity swimming pool. A pool where the water flows seamlessly over one edge, giving the appearance of a vanishing edge, is a step up from your typical pool. While the size of the pool is less important, upgrades such as a large natural stone deck around it, salt water in it (instead of chlorine), and trees and plants alongside it can significantly improve the appearance and enjoyment of your entire pool area. An adjacent hot tub is another smart feature, especially when temperatures drop in the fall.

Outdoor kitchen or grill. One of the more common additions to outdoor living spaces is a grill or pizza oven, though complete kitchens are also rising in popularity. By installing a cooking space outdoors, it’s easier to prepare meals close to where you and your guests are spending time while also avoiding heating up the house.

Patio fireplace or pit. What better place to sit, beverage in hand, than in front of a crackling fire in a sunken fire pit or by a raised stone fireplace. Stone fireplaces have become another desired addition, where you and your family can retreat to at the end of the day and relax. The fire helps keep bugs away and provides a little warmth and ambiance as the sun starts to set. Yes, you could spend a little money on outdoor heaters, but the sights and sounds that a fireplace creates are much more welcoming and relaxing.

Pergola. While fireplaces are the place to be in the evening, during the day a wooden pergola is often a popular spot. You can park lounge chairs underneath it for shade, growing plants and vines up the side or add long curtains for even more privacy. Pergolas can become additional outdoor rooms, essentially, defining conversation areas for groups of guests to enjoy.

Mood lighting. You may be surprised by the difference lighting can make in your outdoor living space. Add it at the base of trees and shrubs to highlight their presence, shine it against the walls of your home for drama, use it to line walkways, and even string it around the bases of trees or hang it above for visibility. Strings of lights coupled with fixtures can change the whole feel of your outdoor area, transforming it from dark and cold to warm and inviting.

Investing in outdoor amenities will both increase your use and enjoyment of the space and expand the footprint of your living space.

If you are interested in finding your personal oasis please contact one of our luxury experts at Portfolio Real Estate.


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