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​5 Key Marketing Activities to Sell Luxury Real Estate

The luxury real estate market is unique. Because each home offers potential buyers a different kind of elegance, a tailored marketing strategy is paramount.

While the marketing strategy varies with each property, there are certain marketing activities that each real estate agent should employ to sell your luxury home.

Target the Right Buyer

Above all else, your real estate agent must know the right people to target. The interests and needs of luxury buyers are distinctive, so it is important that your real estate agent understands the types of buyers to whom your property will appeal.

Deliver Quality Marketing Materials

In order to gain the attention of these distinct buyers, your agent should produce first-rate marketing materials to reflect the quality of the listing.

The printed materials your agent distributes and the listings they post online should include high-quality images and videos. The content of the materials should convey the information relevant to the target audience. While the specifics of the home are important, buyers in this specialized market are extremely interested in the lifestyle the home provides.

Digital Marketing 

Through online marketing, agents are able to target specific groups of potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of reaching the right buyer for your property.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of search engine advertising built on keywords. A link to your agent’s site or a direct link to your property will appear when a potential client searches the keywords corresponding to the ad. With the right keywords, your agent can generate many leads to your home.

Social Media Marketing

Social media should be a crucial part of your agent’s marketing efforts. In 2018, Pew Research found that over 75 percent of internet users with an annual income of $75,000+ have at least one social media account.

Social media advertisements enable agents to target users based on location, demographics, user interests, and more. As with digital marketing, social media marketing increases the likelihood of reaching the right buyers.

Whether it is a sponsored social media ad or a social media post, your agent should frequently produce posts with content that generates engagement and drives potential buyers to your home.

Quick Response

As these marketing efforts generate a reaction, your real estate agent should be diligent in addressing any inquiries made about your home. Experienced agents know the value of a timely response to potential buyers’ questions.

An effective real estate marketing strategy begins with the right real estate agent. Portfolio agents are leaders in the industry and they are prepared to work with you to create an exclusive marketing strategy designed specifically for your property. With Portfolio, your home will be exposed to potential buyers on over 300 different websites. If you are ready to sell, please contact one of our agents today.

9419 Highlands Cove, Boerne, TX 78006 | $1,350,000 | Listed by Debra Janes

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