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Joyeux Home Décor proprietor and interior designer, Dy Lynne Dabney,fresh from a recent trip to market, shares her best bets on home trends you won’t want to miss.

Blue and More Blue

PHOTO CREDIT: Joyeux Home DécorsKevin Crawford

Indigo, deep dark blues, stunning cobalt, navy and all matters blue can be found in pillows, lamps and even full sofa pieces. It's such a versatile color, and truly a classic as well. Blue velvet sofas are a popular buy in our store recently. The way you can play off basic blue and white for a crisp summer look, or take the blue and mix in fuchsia or orange to bring out the fall colors. So much fun!

Boho Isn’t Going Anywhere

PHOTO CREDIT: John BarreraDenise Graves

Boho chic has a huge presence still. Macrame hanging plant holders, crochet styled throws and eastern accents of silk screened textiles are just some of the endless choices. Look for highly prized, one-of-a-kind handmade pieces.

Mid-Century Throwback

PHOTO CREDIT: Ann FitzGibbonsKevin Crawford

Nothing is too matchy-matched. Mid-century lower end tables and cased goods are trending everywhere. In San Antonio, any of the larger homes with huge ceilings would have a challenge making the mid-century look feel right. In Alamo Heights, the many older homes and ranch style houses are a great match for the look and scale of mid-century vibes.

Paper That Wall

PHOTO CREDIT: Patti NelsonJoyeux Home Décors

Wallpaper is being used again! Larger and bolder patterns versus the delicate old papers of the 1990’s. We are specifying grasscloth on a weekly basis for good reason. Options include all colors, metallics and also beautiful damask patterns printed on top of the grasscloth. Using the wallpaper as an accent wall is very effective for a touch of panache!

Boldly Pop with Assorted Metal

PHOTO CREDIT: Joyeux Home DécorsKevin Crawford

Pops of bold colors are back! To enhance the look pair it well with gold finishes. The gold is still a more brushed and paired down version compared to the shiny 1990s! Brass is still popular. Mixing silver, gold and even bronze is totally acceptable and encouraged. It's a collected look that keeps things interesting, not a perfect "suite" styled room.

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